The Beginning

Fayum-34xsAs it is with all things mortal there must be a beginning, this it that beginning for The Portraitist. This blog is the result of a deep longing to develop a forum through which the art forms of portraiture can be family 1_2axsdiscussed. I have spent my life in the pursuit of creating portraits that not only reflect the image of my subjects but reveal the true essence of there humanness. Over the course of human history artists have chosen many mediums in there pursuit of portraiture as an art form. I have personally chosen photography as my medium. As far back as I can remember I have loved the idea of creating portraits of people by way of the camera. My very first serious attempt was a portrait of my family seated on the couch. I was barely sixteen and knew nothing of composition, lighting or posing. I was shooting with a Minolta 2¼ square twin lens reflex and scarcely knew anything about exposure. But at that moment I knew I was embarking on a life long journey, as so many of you have also experienced as well. Even though the image is grainy and spotted with age I can in an instant be transported back to that very moment. It is one of my most valued possessions. It is said that “Portraiture is the art that immortalizes.”

I have reached the point in my career where I have realized that it is time to share what I have learned and expand the Rembrandt_Portrait_of_Nicolaes_RutsKarshcommunity of those who would pursue excellence in the art form of portrait making. It is to that end that I have begun this blog. Over the coming months we will discuss the fundamentals of lighting, pose, composition and color, as well as the more subtitle nuances of evoking emotion, sincerity and character from the subject. We will exam the work of the old masters, the historic giants of photographic portraiture and the present day masters of the art form. This is a forum for the discussion, analysis and debate of all the elements of the craft of photography as it applies to the artistic goals of portrait creation. It will only be as effective as your willingness to participate. Ask question, challenge ideas, and wrestle with new concepts. Together we can create a place where 091130_036_4awe all can grow and flourish artistically while continuing to maintain the highest values and standards of this timeless art form.

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