The creating of photographic portraits is my passion. I dream of the images that could be and I meditate on those that will soon become. It began when I was a boy, a lifetime later the passion is even greater. God I do so love being a photographer

From the very first moment of seeing my images develop in a darkroom, while working on my Boy Scout merit badge, I feel in love with photography. My first published image in the Columbus Ohio Dispatch of a local Soap Box Derby race made me feel like a winner. The recognition from friends and family helped fuel my career. When Life Magazine first hired Gordon Parks as one of their staff photographers I felt he had paved the way for me. My own photographic dreams could now be realized. I truly enjoy interacting with people and portrait photography enables me to connect with them. Today I am living this dream as a professional photographer in Los Angeles.

In addition to running a portrait studio in the Downtown Los Angeles Art District, I teach digital photography at the King’s College and Seminary and put on workshops to share lighting techniques with photographers that have an interest in classical portraiture. In 2009 I was appointed as one of FJ Westcott’s Top 100 Westcott Professionals, as well as taking one Best of Show, one first place and 13 Honorable Mentions in various print competitions, including the International Photographers Award, VH1 Image contest, and the Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County. My portrait clients include executives, artists, musicians, actors and everyday people.

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